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UCL Wine Limited was established during the harvesting seasons of 2012. The aim of participating in the fine wine industry was inspired by our fondness for exotic wines. Our goal is to provide our customers with unique offerings with excellent level of confidence.

Shopping at UCL Wine, you will experience unprecedented level of customer service, regardless of Pre-sales or after sales aspects. We believe that the core value of the company is to provide you with the greatest fine wine offering with the best provenance available. We value customers equally as important as any stakeholders in our eco system. It is our mission and pleasure to share the great wines we hunted throughout the world for you.

UCL Wine is promoting an innovative approach to marketing fine wine for both consumption and investment. Customers who are interested about our great offerings can reach us through our website, and we are constantly sharing the latest market information through our social media platforms ( Facebook, wechat and weibo) to keep our customers with up to date market and product information.